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Low Back Pain Symptoms

Bulging/Herniated Disc

This can be caused by aging, trauma, falls, injuries and unknown reasons. The pain can radiate from the low back to the leg(s), with numbness, weakness or tingling. Anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, anticonvulsants, antidepressant medications have all been used to treat the pain. Sometimes, epidural injections may be part of the comprehensive treatment in order to facilitate healing, physical therapy regimen and alleviate the pain.

Spinal Stenosis

This is caused by narrowing of the lumbar spine. Aging, arthritis, bone spurs, scarring, space occupying lesions, etc. can all cause this syndrome. The pain is usually worse with walking long distances and going downhill/downstairs. The pain is usually relieved with rest or sitting. Nerves can be “pinched” and cause pain in the legs. Prior to surgery, medications, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections may be tried.

Failed Back Surgery Pain

Sometimes, surgeries can fail to relieve low back pain. When oral medications and physical therapy also fail to relieve the pain, epidural steroid injections, lysis of adhesions with a Racz catheter or a spinal cord stimulator can restore the patient’s quality of life.

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